don't buy trend, buy your style

There are many guidelines that we consumers can follow to act in a more sustainable way. One is to not buy into fast fashion. Don’t buy trend, buy your style. This way, you will spend your money more sensible, and you will buy what is true to you. This way, you will likely be happier with your purchases as you will only buy what you will use, and what fits your style.

Research shows, that most of us use 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Thus, the smartest thing to do is to look at those 20% and see what it is that we like with it. The next time we get the compulsive feeling of buying a new piece of clothing, we should ask ourselves, is it my style? Will I like it for a long time? Does it fit with the 20% of my clothes that I tend to use? If not, we should let the money stay put and wait till we find that piece that is our style and fits to our other clothes.

Another thing with buying your style rather than what is the biggest trend at the moment is, that the trendy stuff is often only trendy that exact moment. So, when the moment has passed, the clothes are not in trend anymore, and you will most likely use it less than when it was trendy. And as the trends seem to shift so fast these days, it seems we have closets full of last season trendy clothes that we do not use anymore, and that is in no way sustainable. When you buy your style, you buy something that you will use for a longer period of time – it will always be your style.

Another guideline, is to buy clothes produced in a sustainable way and with sustainable materials. This could e.g. be fish leather items or hand knitted knitwear made with good un dyed or ecological wool.