On a recent trip to Japan, I learned that the Ainu people, an indigenous people of Hokkaido, used to make clothes - jackets and shoes - out of fish skin, mainly Salmon and Trout. This learning was not only inspiring, but it somehow completed the cirkel for Shisa Brand.

Although Shisa Brand is a 100% Faroese brand, based on the Faroe Islands, the brand has strong roots to Japan. As a young woman, the founder of Shisa Brand, Sissal, lived in Hokkaido Japan for a year, and in Japan, Sissal was named Shisa, as the Japanese found Sissal to difficult to pronounce. Ever since that year in 1992 Sissal has been fascinated by Japan, the Japanese culture and aesthetics. When founding the brand in 2011, it felt natural to name it Shisa Brand as it was rooted in the Faroese knitting traditions but evidentially influenced by the Japanese Street style and fashion.