Rooted in the Faroe Islands

Shisa Brand creates unique Faroese handiwork ranging from hand-knitted sweaters in original designs to bags and accessories inspired by different cultures, people, local artists or by the material itself. I feel inspired by the mystical Faroese nature with its fog and subdued colours – like a semi-transparent veil, the fog both shrouds and enhances the rugged beauty of the landscape. I love to create a purse that stands out and has its use both in a Faroese location but also in e.g. a vibrating metropolis like Tokyo.

To me, designing the perfect knitwear is a process, which combines the choice of yarn or textile, the design that works best with this texture, choosing the colour and pattern that complement these choices, and perfecting the design to accentuate different parts of the body. I am fascinated by the arch of the back, the outline of the shoulders, the overall form, male or female – borne with beauty and pizzazz, and my designs are created to underscore their personality.

Limited supply - hand made slow fashion

At the heart of the creative process is the love of knitting, creating beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly designs that you will cherish.

Influenced by street fashion and fascinating types, especially the independent, confident woman and the stylish, urban man, the garments are distinctive and – as the characters that inspired them – remarkable. 

There is no mass production; each item created by Shisa Brand is handmade. The sweaters, cardigans, jackets, bags and clutches, and the unique accessories, are exclusive and therefore also in limited supply.

This also fits with Shisa Brand’s environmentally friendly core value in not producing more than needed. This core value was recently taken to the next level when I was able to work with such amazing textiles as sustainable fish-leather and seaweed jersey as part of the Blue Fashion Challenge. 



Shisa Brand entwirft färöische Handarbeiten von handgestrickten Pullovern im Originaldesign, das die majestätische Natur der Färöer Inseln widerspiegelt, bis zu Kaffehauben, die von der Kunst des bekannten färöischen Autors William Heinesen inspiriert sind.

Zusätzlich zur Herstellung von modischen Textilien wird Shisa Brand auch zum lokalen Trendsetter, indem die Designs oft in der Kulturszene der Färöer Inseln und bei anderen Trendsettern auftauchen.

Shisa Brand (Ausspache: She’s a brand) gibt es seit 2010, wobei die Wurzeln noch weiter zurückreichen. Shisa Brand produziert sowohl für den färöischen als auch für den internationalen Markt.


Im Mittelpunkt des kreativen Prozesses steht die Liebe zu Stricken und zum Schaffen von schönen, funktionellen und umweltfreundlichen Designs, die ihren Besitzern sofort an Herz wachsen.

Es gibt keine Massenproduktion – jedes Produkt von Shisa Brand ist ein handgearbeitetes Unikat. Die sehr begehrten Stücke wie Pullover, Portemonnaies, Beutel und Handtaschen sind ebenso einzigartig wie die speziellen Accessoires und deshalb auch nur in limitierter Auflage lieferbar.