Sheep Jacket

The Sheep Jacket is hand knitted on the Faroe Islands with 100% organic Faroese wool. Gray with black sheep. 

Sizes: small/medium and medium/large

2.500,- DKK (price Faroese tax included)
2.000,- DKK (for export, Faroese tax not included. Plus transport costs)

100% organic Faroese wool
Rib knit cuffs, waistband and collar
Cotton lining

The wool used for the jacket is the Faroese Sirri wool yarn. Sirri yarn is 100% pure organic wool from the Faroe Islands. This natural product has a rich texture and has not been chemically treated. It has a high lanolin content and has a comforting feel and smell. In the wild climate of the Faroes, the sheep grow a thick coat with a rugged texture, which produces a yarn that may feel coarse to knitters who are used to commercially processed yarns. But once you give your knitting a bath, you will see it transformed into a soft, light and gentle fibre, and makes the piece weatherproof.

The sheep pattern. On the Faroe Islands, there are twice as many sheep as there are people, which could be the reason why we as a people are so fond of knitting – as we are very proud of our wool and yarn. But we are also fond of our sheep, and this wonderful sheep pattern is for us the most natural pattern to use for our Faroese wool sweaters. The pattern is used for sweaters and jackets for men and women, cushion covers, and even bags.